The Concept

Balance Swing™ - Concept

Balance Swing™ is a course concept for the mini-trampoline, which can be performed in a group (training in the studio) or at home (training at home).

Balance Swing™ is based on the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Therefore, Balance Swing™ courses consist of 5 different training units:

Swing In – Cardio Swing – Balance Stability – Balance Workout – Balance Relax.

These different training units ensure variety during training and save time. Not only is Balance Swing™ highly effective, but it is also very gentle on joints and the spine on account of the soft trampoline mat.

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Benefits of the Balance Swing™ concept

Benefits of Balance Swing™
  • Various course formats in just one course:
    • cardiovascular training and fat burning (cardio),
    • balance and agility training (yoga, back fitness),
    • body toning and shaping (body styling, back fitness),
    • stretching and relaxation (yoga, meditation)
  • Simple exercises that challenge but do not overexert the body
  • Keeps the body fit
  • 5-Element Training based on nature's energy cycle:
    • balance between power/strength and relaxation/recovery
    • balance between give and take
    • balance between yin and yang, the balance in all things (according to TCM)
  • Especially gentle on joints and the spine on account of the soft trampoline mat
  • Optimal usage of the training device due to training without shoes: stimulation of the foot reflex zones as well as improved strength and mobility for feet and ankles
  • A blessing for the body, for young and old alike
  • Holistic and sustainable effect!

  True to our motto: Energize Yourself

Balance Swing™ effects

On the physical body:

  • The swinging movement on the mini-trampoline balances body, mind and soul.
  • The rhythmic up- and downward movement activates all body cells, improving the metabolism in the cells and thus generating a strong anti-ageing effect.
  • Muscular imbalances are compensated by utilizing virtually all muscle groups at the same time. The body's own balance is improved and body coordination is trained.
  • Muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons are trained in a manner that is especially gentle on the joints.
  • The figure is toned, and skin and connective tissue are tightened by strengthening the muscles.
  • Fat burning is increased as the cardiovascular system is strengthened.
  • Training decreases blood pressure by improving microcirculation, and all detoxification processes in the body are accelerated.
  • Spine, discs, joints and ankles are strengthened by the swinging movement without shoes.
  • Deep muscles are strengthened, ensuring a healthy back and an upright posture (pelvic floor training).
  • It strengthens the bones and thus contributes to the prevention of osteoporosis.
  • It provides vascular training, especially for the venous pump, improving the lymph flow and mobilizing the fasciae.
  • The swinging movement improves breathing.
Balance Swing™ effects

On the psyche and the energetic body:

  • Gentle and consistent up- and downward swinging generates happiness hormones.
  • Energy flow is stimulated; the body's own life energy is activated and brought into a state of flow, generating more energy for everyday life.
  • Foot reflex zones are massaged.
  • Blockages in the meridian pathways and tensions are loosened, thus relieving stress.
  • Balance exercises provide brain training and prevent falling.
  • Personal charisma is improved, leading to more confidence and joy in life.
  • Body, mind and soul are brought into harmony.


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