Balance Swing™ – Training on the Mini-Trampoline

The effective trampoline rebounding training at home and in the studio - stay fit, have fun and lose weight at the same time!

Our motto is Energize Yourself!

Balance Swing™ is a course concept for the mini-trampoline based on the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

It combines Eastern and Western training methods, creating a balance between tension and relaxation.

And that is precisely what body, mind and soul need!

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Balance Swing™ is a holistic training concept that is

  • highly effective over the short-term
  • especially gentle on joints and the spine due to the soft trampoline mat
  • balancing for body, mind and soul
  • suitable for everyone
  • beneficial for our entire organism

... and also a lot of fun!

Join us and release the happiness hormones!

Balance Swing™ courses are now available in over 50 studios in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain and Switzerland.

More than 100 qualified Balance Swing™ trainers will get you moving!

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The Balance Swing™ training DVDs are an excellent way to train at home!

The only thing you need is a trampoline and our training instructions.

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